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Posted at: 14 Jul 2022

. Fr Marcus Johnson’s homily for the 5th Sunday after Pentecost, 07/10/2022, Calvary Episcopal Church, Batavia, IL. “Go and Do Likewise”–the parable of the Good Samaritan– Love the Lord. Love your Neighbor as Yourself. Who...

January 2021
Posted at: 04 Jan 2021

Two Zoom Recordings are presented here–one from 01/03/2021 and one from 12/06/2020.. There are four files in each recording. These are housed on the Amazon Cloud server and are unedited files created by Zoom. Holistic...

November 2020
Posted at: 17 Nov 2020

Follow this link to the 2021 Stewardship Letter. https://s3.amazonaws.com/ceb14j0715-Calvary-Episcopal/Vestry/2020/2021-CEB-Stewardship/Calvary-Episcopal-Batavia-Stewardship-Letter-2021.pdf Follow this link to the Calvary Episcopal Batavia 2021 Stewardship Pledge Form https://s3.amazonaws.com/ceb14j0715-Calvary-Episcopal/Vestry/2020/2021-CEB-Stewardship/CEB-2021-Pledge-Form.pdf

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Posted at: 12 Dec 2018

Message about our 2019 Budget from our Calvary Finance Chair Dear Calvary Parishioners,                                                         December 11, 2018 I am writing this message to all of you as an update on our preliminary 2019 budget results. The...

December 2018
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