2024 Calvary Community Meals

Calvary Episcopal Church in Batavia, Illinois, has a long tradition of providing Community Meals for our parish and our community at Noon, following our 10:15 Eucharist, on three holidays every year, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

We couldn’t do this during the recent Pandemic and, instead, provided meals through the Batavia Inter-Faith Food Pantry.

Starting in the Fall of 2022, we did recommit to Calvary Community Meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Both were well received, with 19 people attending the Christmas Meal.


2024 Calvary Community Easter Meal

We put sign-up sheets online and outside Calvary’s kitchen.  Turkey was  provided  and parishioners and guests brought pot-luck ham, vegetables, salads, and desserts.  28 people came and ate at our 2024 Easter Meal.  Thanks to everyone who helped to make it happen and to everyone who came and shared fellowship and food.

The images below are from our 2024 Calvary Community Easter Meal.

We look forward to serving you at our 2024 Calvary Community Thanksgiving Meal from Noon to 2:00 PM on Thanksgiving, November 28, 2024.

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