Independent Movie Study 2024

2024 addendum

For Lent, 2024, this Independent Movie Study is offered as a supplement to or a replacement for our Calvary Lenten Suppers. We know that families have tight schedules and sometimes Wednesday evenings at Calvary are outside the scope of these schedules. This program was originally developed as a Lenten study and still serves that use. This year, use the URLs associated with the movies.  As mentioned below, for some you may need YouTube Premium.


Fr Michael Rasicci has begun a Lenten Bible Study using a workbook called Treasure which is held in the Elijah Room or in Memorial Hall on Sundays in Lent from Noon to 1:30 PM.  We ask that people commit to attend to all these sessions if possible.  This Independent Movie Study can be a complement to the Lenten Bible Study or a stand alone replacement depending on your availability.


Note: For some of these YouTube movies you may need to purchase YouTube Premium. With that subscription you can also watch these movies on your television if your provider has YouTube access in your line-up.  The links on this page were checked on 03/20/2023.  Depending on your remote control, you can use voice control and ask for YouTube, Book of Mark, Full Movie (for example). Note on URLs (links):  Video Links on YouTube may require you to have YouTube Premium (a valid API key) to display the video.  Rather than links to the movie, you will need to cut and paste the URL into your browser. Because of YouTube/Google’s security, these URLs don’t work well as links as of 2023.

(Originally this project was proposed for Lent 2021. These movies can add value any time during the year–especially before Christmas, Easter, Summer Vacation, and more.) 

—Check-out one or more of the movies below.

Fr Michael Rasicci has suggested that we take time to “become more familiar with the Word of God and to make collaborating more with the grace God gives us” a priority in our daily lives.

Free New Testament Download in .pdf format

Holy Bible Download in .pdf format

In Fr Mike’s homily on the Second Sunday in Lent, 02/28/2021, Fr Mike said that Mark’s Gospel was especially important in Lent.  We now have access to movies of the Gospels of Mark, Luke,  Matthew, and John available in this series.

Several very good movies have been released relating to the times of the Early Christians. Most are inspired by or tied directly to the Bible. Many of these are available for viewing on YouTube.

In 2023, I gave up watching Netflix in my spare moments and choose to watch these Gospel movies on YouTube instead. I’ve certainly enjoyed quality time with them.

If you want to have a time to share about what you’re learning, email me at and we’ll set-up a Zoom conversation.

With Zoom, there is no limit of people who participate, nor is there any fee for participating.

Movies for 2024

I have movies listed below, all available for viewing on YouTube. We can add more. You can also take your pick if you are drawn more to one or to another.  I’ve put the movies in the order of meeting Fr Mike’s goal for spending more time with the Word of God.

The Gospel of Mark—KJV-Full Movie

I suggest we break this 94 minute movie into 5 approximately 20-minute parts.

                             Start time, Chapter & Verse               End time, Chapter & Verse

On Your Own    Start of Movie, Mark 1:1                        21:03, Mark 5:15

Week 1                 21:03,  Mark 5:15                                  40:26, Mark 8:30

Week 2                  40:26, Mark 8:30                              1:00:20, Mark 12:1

Week 3               1:00:20, Mark 12:1                                1:15:41, Mark 14:26

Week 4                 1:15:41, Mark 14:26                              End of Movie, Mark 16:19

The scenes in the Gospel of Mark were actually used in the Gospel of Luke–a much longer film.  References in the movie itself refer to chapters and verses in Luke.

The Gospel of Luke-Film-Visual Bible in HD-Very Rare Version-(The Two Preachers) (2015) (4:12:04 time)

Based on the King James Version of the Bible, this movie follows the Gospel and has visual reenactments. Because the length of the movie is slightly over 4 hours and 12 minutes, the suggested breakdown will be in roughly 42 minute segments.  I listed this movie first because the Gospel of Luke follows the life of Christ from his birth to his ascension into heaven.

Date                                            Start time, Chapter & Verse                                            End time, Chapter and Verse

Week 1                            Beginning of Movie, Luke 1:1                                           41:53,  Luke 4: 4

Week 2                              41:53,  Luke 4:4                                                               1:20:37, Luke 8:1

Week 3                              1:20:37, Luke 8:1                                                                2:03:04, Luke 11:37

Week 4                              2:03:04, Luke 11:37                                                            2:45:06, Luke 17:20

Week 5                             2:45:06, Luke 17:20                                                            3:34:19, Luke 23:62

Week 6                              3:34:19, Luke 23:62                                                           End of Movie, Luke 24:52

Acts Of The Apostles (1994) | Full Movie | Dean Jones | Jennifer O’Neill | James Brolin (3:12:19)

Suggested watch time is 30 minutes per week for 7 weeks

The premise of this movie is that Luke is dictating this story to a scribe. He reads the entire Book of Acts and the scenes are enacted. Based on the New International Edition of the Bible, chapter and verse are indicated directly in the movie. I’ve divided the segments into 30-minute pieces and will indicate timing and the chapter and verse at the beginning and end of each 30-minute segment.

Date                                               Start: Time, Chapter & Verse                                End: Time, Chapter & Verse    

Week 1                                     Beginning of Movie                                             30:00,  Acts  5:16

Week 2                                    30:00, Acts 5:16                                                 1:00:13,  Acts  9:26

Week 3                                  1:00:13, Acts 9:26                                                 1:30:13,  Acts 13:51

Week 4                           1:30:13, Acts 13:51                                                1:59:48, Acts 18:01

Week 5                         1:59:48, Acts  18:01                                             2:29:44, Acts 22:09

Week 6                           2:29:44, Acts 22:09                                            2:59:55, Acts 27: 27

Week 7                                   2:59:55, Acts 27:27                                               End of Movie


Paul, the Apostle (Saint Paul) (2:24:36 time)


This movie is the 2013 version of Paul, the Apostle (Saint Paul) (2:24:36 time), available for free viewing on YouTube. This is another good movie of the times and includes some dramatization of the people and events.

Week 1–Use this link to help you focus and read Bible verses for the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Week 2–Use this link to help you focus and read Bible verses for the second 30 minutes of the movie.

Week 3–Use this link to help you focus and read Bible verses for the third 30 minutes of the movie

Week 4–Use this link to help you focus and read Bible verses for the fourth 30 minutes of the movie

Week 5–Use this link to help you focus and read Bible verses for the fifth 30 minutes of the movie

The Gospel According to Matthew International Bible Society Time 4:16:34

I suggest breaking this movie into roughly 51 minute segments to accommodate 5 weeks.

                                               Start Time,  Chapter & Verse             Stop Time, Chapter & Verse

Week 1            Beginning of Movie, Matthew 1:1              50:43, Matthew 8:5        

Week 2                50:43, Matthew 8:5                            1:41:50, Matthew 13:24  

Week 3              1:41:50, Matthew 13:24                       2:28:18, Matthew 19:1

Week 4             2:28:18, Matthew 19:1                          3:19:09, Matthew 24:45

Week 5                 3:19:09, Matthew 24:45                       End of Movie, Matthew 28:20

The Gospel of John: The Visual Bible-The Narrow Gate Time 2:52:24


I suggest breaking this movie up in segments of about 36 minutes to cover the entire movie in 5 weeks.

                                                      Start Time, Chapter & Verse             End Time, Chapter & Verse

Week 1                             Beginning of Movie, John 1:1                       35:33, John 5:10

Week 2                                    35:33, John 5:10                                       1:12:26, John 8:5

Week 3                                  1:12:26, John 8:5                                         1:48:22, John 13:5

Week 4                                 1:48:22, John 13:5                                       2:24:02, John 19:8

Week 5                                    2:24:02, John 19.8                                       End of Movie, John 21:24

Yours in Christ,

Joel Montgomery
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