PayPal–Our Online Giving Resource

Calvary Episcopal Church has been a Christian community in Batavia, Illinois for more than 180 years, serving parishioners and Batavia and surrounding communities.
We invite you to participate with us–in our worship and community activities and in supporting Calvary Episcopal Church financially.  People wanting to use a credit or debit card can use PayPal to make a one-time or repeated donation.  Because PayPal charges a nominal fee to transfer the money, you are invited to allow PayPal to add those fees to your donation, making sure that Calvary receives the full amount you want to donate.
Click the link for the General Fund (which covers all the expenses of the church).
Thanks in advance for your donation.

Donate to Calvary’s General Fund

Donate to Calvary’s  contribution to our Companion Dioceses–Southeast Mexico and Renk, South Sudan


Donate to Calvary’s contribution to World Mission Sunday

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