Members of the Vestry are elected at the annual meeting in January of each year. Vestry elections are for three-year terms and people can volunteer to serve more than one term. The leaders of the vestry are the Junior and Senior Wardens.  (The Junior Warden of one year normally becomes the Senior Warded the following year.)  To serve on the vestry, you have to be baptized and confirmed (or accepted) as a member of our parish.  The Vestry meets from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in The Rectors’ Hall the second Monday of each month. Email serves when we need more urgent communication. Vestry meetings are open to the parish. The Vestry keeps the parish up-to-date and provides an annual report at our January meeting each year.

Altar Guild

At Calvary Episcopal Church in Batavia, both women and men serve on the Altar Guild. These volunteers make sure that everything needed for a service (Holy Eucharist, for example) is laid out and available for the priest leading the service. This includes making sure the vessels are polished, that wine, water, and hosts are available, that robes and linens are ready, in the correct colors, and in position for immediate use.  We welcome new members to our Altar Guild. The Chair of the Altar Guild makes regular reports to the Vestry.

Finance Ministry

This is a team of parishioners who keeps track of our funds coming in and going out. The treasurer reports to the Vestry monthly and the team meets regularly to review both income and outgo and to make recommendations to the Vestry concerning financial matters.

Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry is a team of parishioners who focuses on internal and external communication–including this website and all of our social media communication. We also review our eNewsletter, Bulletins, press releases, and other areas concerning communication in and outside of our parish and our online community. The Chair of this ministry makes regular reports to the Vestry.

This link allows parishioners to submit information to the Communications Ministry so that they can support various initiatives for the parish.  Calvary Episcopal Communication Request

Building and Grounds Ministry

This team of parishioners monitors the physical space of our church and grounds. The team makes recommendations to the Vestry for upgrades, changes, and other needs and supervisors the work hired to do maintenance and other functions.  This team also works with our “Lay Weeders” team who “spruce up” our garden and grounds in the Spring and the Fall. The Chair of this ministry makes regular reports to the Vestry.

Worship Ministry

Led by Fr Mike Rasicci, this team focuses on all aspects of worship, including special observances, Lenten programs, and Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Lay Eucharistic Visitors, Acolytes, Readers, Ushers and Greeters.

Social Gathering and Connections Ministry

A team of parishioners interested in hospitality both inside and outside of the parish provide this ministry.  This extends from birthday and anniversary wishes to hosting meals at Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This team also takes food to seniors and parishioners who cannot cook for some reason. This also forms part of our outreach service as we extend our Care and Comfort services to parishioners at Holmstad or Michealson Health Center. The Chair of this ministry makes regular reports to the Vestry.

Outreach Ministry

This team of parishioners makes contact with the causes we support and works to provide financial and hands-on assistance as needed and as we are able to provide. The Chair of this ministry makes regular reports to the Vestry.

Child and Youth Christian Formation Ministry

Susan Palmer leads our and youth Christian Formation Ministry.  We have Sunday School at 10:00 AM every Sunday and programs throughout the year for child and youth Christian Formation. We have a Vacation Bible School at Calvary every summer.  Susan has a Children and Youth Activity Calendar of events scheduled throughout the year.

Adult Christian Formation Ministry

We have multiple classes and workshops and retreats for Adult Christian Formation. See the separate page for these offerings.

Stewardship Ministry

This team of parishioners focuses on discipleship and stewardship of the gifts and resources God gives us. In addition to an annual pledge drive within the parish, this team also focuses on fund raising initiatives, opportunities to share and grow Gifts of Spirit in service to the parish and to the community. Stewardship is valuing the gifts God has given us and using them to grow our faith Community at Calvary and beyond. Something as simple as the Calvary Community Meals is an example of stewardship–caring, giving, receiving, sharing in grace and loving.


Ken Wippich

Senior Warden, Vestry

Ken is a life-long Episcopalian who has been at Calvary for a number of years. He served as the Junior Warden of the Vestry last year and is now serving as Senior Warden.


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