Vestry Updates

This page is where you can find updates from the Vestry of Calvary Episcopal Church, Batavia, IL.  Some of the links will be to Ministry reports and some to Vestry updates.  The purpose of this page is to let the parish know more about what goes on–sometimes “behind the scenes” at the parish.

2017 Annual Report Calvary Episcopal Church

Follow this link to access the 2017 Annual Report.


2018-Proposed Slate of Vestry Members–to be voted on at the Calvary Annual Meeting, Sunday, 01/28/2018

That day there will be one Holy Eucharist at 9:30AM followed by a light breakfast. The annual meeting starts at 11:00AM.

The proposed Vestry Members for 2018 are:
Senior Warden: Brandon Crawford * (2nd consecutive term)
Junior Warden: Terry Sutherland ** (Term expires in 2019)
Vestry Members:
Mary Baffes *** (New Member Thru 2021)
Sean Dalmasso *** (New Member Thru 2021)
Jessica Hermanny *** (New Member Thru 2021)
Minnie Titus-Glover (Term expires in 2019)
Laura Jeziorski (Term expires in 2019)
Tommy Ricker (Term expires in 2019)
Sue VanMeter (Term expires in 2019)
Nick Wade (Term expires in 2020)
Chelsea Coventry-Molina (Term expires in 2020)
Phil Prior (Term expires in 2020)
Joel Montgomery is proposed as Vestry Clerk.

2018 Vestry Nominees–for a more detailed picture, follow this link



Extract from the Bylaws of Calvary Episcopal Church, Batavia, IL, concerning the Vestry



Vestry Updates




2018 CEB Vestry Retreat

The 2018 CEB Vestry Retreat is planned for  May 19th and May 20th in Batavia.  More details to follow.


2017 CEB Vestry Retreat

You can virtually participate in the 2017 CEB Vestry Retreat.  We have a forum for participation on our Education website,

Here is the link to the page on that website with links to the notes and video from the Retreat.

Vestry Minutes

Vestry minutes are posted to this website after they have been reviewed and approved by the vestry.

CEB Vestry Minutes for 2017-12-10







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