Calvary Stewardship 2024

Calvary Stewardship 2024

Stewardship is a word to describe our management of the gifts God has given us, especially applied to Calvary Episcopal Church and its mission in the world.  It includes our time, talents, service, and money.

Episcopal churches throughout the world have relied on cash pledges as part of the church’s Stewardship to plan budgets for the ongoing life of the church to include worship, maintenance, salaries, and activities.

While each of us must decide how and when we will provide our time, talents, and service to support Calvary and its mission, I have worked with a plan for my cash pledge to Calvary that has been working for me and for Calvary for several years.

I’m sharing my pledge information with you to serve as a model for you to think about when praying about your pledge for 2024.

Joel Montgomery’s Calvary Pledge for 2024
$108.50 every 2 weeks=$2,821.00 for year

How I came up with this pledge;
Hourly wage x normal # of hours per week x 52 weeks = annual income before taxes
Multiply annual income X 10% = annual pledge divided by 26 weeks = biweekly pledge—26 payments of that amount.

I set that up on Bill-Pay at my bank. 26 payments on a biweekly basis that starts the first of 2024 and ends after the 26th payment. Then it will be time for a new pledge for 2025. The advantage of using Bill Pay is that Calvary gets a check every two weeks, even when I am out of town.  For budgeting purposes, the withdrawals are consistent and always on the same days.

Please note: I have found it difficult to use my bank’s Bill Pay for additional transactions beyond regularly scheduled transactions, so I use PayPal to make additional donations to Calvary when I have more disposable income.  I use my bank’s debit card with PayPal and PayPal does not share my bank card information.

Calvary keeps pledging information confidential. I am choosing to share this with you because I think the model I am following will make it easier for people to come up with their pledge for 2024.

Yours in Christ,

Joel Montgomery, Stewardship Chair

The pledge card for 2024 is available on this page.  Copy and print your pledge card or complete it as a .pdf Please send in your pledge card either by email ( or by snail mail (Calvary Episcopal Church, 222 S Batavia Ave, Batavia, IL 60510) or drop it in the Collection plate.  We would like to have your pledge by the 1st Sunday of Advent, December 3, 2023. Thanks.

You can use Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign to complete the pledge card available on this link.  Download the card to your computer, use Adobe Acrobat Fill and Sign to add your information, then  save your work and attach it in an email to or you can print it out and snail mail it to Stewardship, Calvary Episcopal Church, 222 S Batavia Ave, Batavia, IL 60510 or you can drop it in the collection plate at church.  Thanks for taking the time to pledge.

You can download your pledge form to your computer, complete it on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Fill & Sign (free download), then attach it to an email and send it to

Watch the video that shows you how to do this.

Link to 2024 CEB Pledge Form

Link to a ..pdf (image) of Side 1 of the 2024 CEB Pledge Card

Link to a .jpg (image) of Side 2 of the 2024 CEB Pledge Card

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