Funerals and Memorial Services

When a family requests a funeral or a memorial service at Calvary Episcopal Church in Batavia, IL, they can choose to share their information with others.  As resources permit, funerals and memorial services can also be broadcast on Zoom with a recording prepared for the family afterward.

This page is a directory of funerals and memorial services with public access and directions for people wishing to access a particular funeral on the Zoom platform.

Brian Rupert Memorial Service–10/01/2022–11:00 AM CDT

Bulletin for the Memorial Eucharist

YouTube Link:  Brian Rupert Memorial Service–10/01/2022--Unlisted Video

Amazon Cloud Link:  Brian Rupert Memorial Service–10/01/2022–Back-up Video

Vicki Lynn VanTournout Memorial Liturgy–07/18/2023–10:00 AM CDT

Bulletin for the Memorial Liturgy

YouTube Link: Vicki Lynn VanTournout Memorial Litgury–07/18/2023–  Unlisted Video

Amazon Cloud Link:  Vicki Lynn VanTournout Memorial Litgury-07/18/2023–Back-up Video

Jerry Hochberger–Memorial Eucharist–09/30/2023–11:00 AM CDT

Bulletin for the Memorial Eucharist

YouTube Link: 2023-09-30–Jerry-Hochberger–Memorial-Eucarist

Amazon Cloud Link:2023-09-30–Jerry-Hochberger–Memorial-Eucharist

Merrida P. Carlson–Remembrance Eucharist–11/19/2023 8:00 AM

Bulletin for Remembrance Eucharist

YouTube Link: 2023-11-19–Merrida P Carlson  (Unlisted Video)

Amazon Cloud Link 2023-11-19–Merrida P Carlson

Georgia Sanborn–Memorial Eucharist–11/30/2023, 11:00 AM

Bulletin for the Memorial Eucharist

Note about the Audio in the Recordings

Amazon  Cloud Link–OBS Recording

Amazon Cloud Link–Zoom Recording


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