Message from our Calvary Finance Chair

Message about our 2019 Budget from our Calvary Finance Chair

Dear Calvary Parishioners,                                                         December 11, 2018

I am writing this message to all of you as an update on our preliminary 2019 budget results.

The finance committee (Minnie Titus-Glover, Dan Hoefler, myself) together with the help of Dave Evensen, have put together the first draft of what we are expecting 2019 to look like.  The budget for Calvary Episcopal Church is relatively simple – with our biggest intake being pledges, and our largest expense being our church staff.   After that, there are many things that cost dollars to manage, items that we all have in our lives – heat, water, gas, property maintenance, and so on.

Our budget is very lean, and has been for the past several years.  Leadership has been aware of what our needs are and the level of services that need to be provided (pastoral, educational, administrative and maintenance) to all of us – our youth, our adults and our seniors alike.  Currently, we do not wish to change the level of services we offer and it would be the hopes of all to provide more.

Based upon our projection, we are seeing that we will have a deficit of somewhere in the neighborhood of $6,000 – or about 2% of our pledge income.    I am reaching out to all of you to reassess your pledge (and if you have not pledged, please do!) and to think about what is important to you at Calvary and if it is possible for you to reach a little bit deeper and help.  We wish to move forward in a financially stable way and need your help to get there – and we are not far away!

If you can do more to help and have already pledged, please let us know what is possible and we will take that into account.

Thanks for reading this message and supporting Calvary!

Craig Keller

Finance Ministry Chair

Here is the document in letter format.


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