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The Lord is Our Shepherd

Category: The Lord is Our Shepherd / Speaker: The Reverend Michael D. Rasicci
April 21, 2024

By virtue of our Christian baptism, we are Children of God--born by water and the Spirit, the Lord (Jesus Christ) is our Shepherd. He is inside of us (along with the Holy Spirit) and we...

We Are God’s Children Now

Category: We Are Gods Children Now
April 15, 2024

As baptized Christians--by water and the Spirit--We Are Children of God Now. Our lives need to reflect Christ's teachings and our everyday life should reflect Christ and the Holy Spirit's presence within us.

My Lord and My God–Homily–2nd Sunday of Easter

Speaker: The Reverend Michael D. Rasicci
April 07, 2024

As baptised Christians, when we receive Communion (the Spiritual Body and Blood of Jesus Christ), we are encouraged to say these words to God. Jesus is present inside of us and God can keep us...

We Are Resurrected with Christ–Easter Sunday Homily
We are the Body of Christ
God Writes His Laws in Our Hearts and Minds
Building Trust–A Solid Foundation–Homily–4th Sunday of Lent

Category: Building Trust--A Solid Foundation / Speaker: Ross Neir
March 11, 2024

Before a bird will sit on a person's finger, he will peck at the finger to see if it is solid enough to hold him. Nicodemus tested Jesus and Jesus shared some of His wisdom...

I Will Raise This Temple in Three Days

Category: I Will Rebuild this Temple in Three Days / Speaker: The Reverend Michael D. Rasicci
March 03, 2024

Jesus is giving signs of His mission and who He is. Many times in the Bible, Christ's disciples have to wait for an experience before they understand what Jesus shared with them. We, too, are...

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