Calvary Walk-through with Jerry Needham

On Friday, 3/3/2017, Jerry Needham, Owner of Batavia’s ProEnergy Consultants, did a walk-through of Calvary Episcopal Church, from Sanctuary to Under Croft and everything in between. Joel Montgomery was his host and recorded the walk-through.

A video of the walk-through was made, though lighting made the video not worth showing. The audio was extracted from the video and is linked here as an audio (mp3) file.

Jerry did not identify anything wrong with the air quality anywhere in the building.  The humidity in the undercroft was 26% and the temperature was 54 degrees F. In a downstairs classroom used for storage, the humidity was 16%.  Unless someone complained about air or showed some sympton, there is no apparent need to focus on remedial issues.

We “eat an elephant” “one inch at a time.  Calvary can focus on refurbishing the downstairs rooms for use by the parish and/or parish youth as soon as they are ready to do so.





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