Calvary Stewardship Campaign 2018

Hi, Everyone,

As you know, we hope to launch our Calvary Stewardship Campaign for 2018 on Sunday, December 3, 2017.

Before we started the campaign, the vestry wanted to hear from the congregation your responses to three questions about Calvary Parish. (See the homily that dealt with that on 11/22/2017.)

I’ve compiled the responses and used those to create the PowerPoint and .pdf document attached to this post.

I’ll convert these into a Stewardship Video after I’ve received some feedback on the PowerPoint/.pdf document.

This will give you a preview.  You can use the “short-url” to access both of these documents.

Please return your pledge cards as soon as possible–preferably before the end of 2017.


Joel Montgomery, Stewardship Chair


.pdf document

2018 CEB Pledge Card-pdf

2018 CEB Pledge Card-png


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