Calvary Chili Cookoff 2016–11/06/2016 Results

Today was the first day of our Calvary Chili Cookoff for 2016.  72 people came to judge 13 chili masters.  Each person voted for his/her favorite chili by putting a dollar in the “tip jar”.  The three chili masters with the greatest number of votes were declared the winners of the Calvary Chili Cookoff for 2016.

Here are the winners for the year.  Check out the short video clip from the Calvary Chili Cookoff Challenge 2016.

First Place–Baffes Family with more than 70 votes

Second Place–San Miguel Family with more than 47 votes

Third Place–Turner Family with more than 38 votes

Congratulations to all!  The Baffes family will have a reserved parking spot in the Calvary parking lot until next year’s Calvary Chili Cookoff.


Calvary Chili Cookoff 2016 Top Prizes



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