Mar 2017  Calvary 2017 Online Lenten Program Series, Lent 1 (03/08/2017) Topic–The People of Calvary Episcopal Church–Spiritual Gift-Hospitality–Live portion of the program recorded at Calvary Episcopal Church.  To participate in the Online Program, go to the Online Lenten Series Forum and respond to Topic 1. We had 5 tables with 5 people each for the first week of the series.  Thanks to the Calvary Vestry who hosted the Simple Supper. Check-out the video on YouTube.  (Our post about the Lenten Series is on our companion website,  ...

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Nov 2016

The drawing for the Calvary 50-50 Raffle took place following the Calvary Chili Cook-off today in Rector’s Hall. 99 tickets were sold and 50% of the proceeds went as a donation to Calvary Episcopal Church ($1,237.50)–Thanks to everyone. The remaining 50% of the proceeds were divided among 15 winners drawn from a bowl by the youth of our Parish in attendance at the Chili Cook-off.  No one had to be present to win.  Winners will receive checks from Calvary Episcopal Church in the mail. Calvary will record the entire donation of non-winners......

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Feb 2014

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