Feb 2024
Jesus Shares His Faith Journey

Each of us is on his/her own faith journey in this lifetime. By virtue of our Baptism, Jesus Christ is with us and we are part of the body of Christ. Lent is a time to reflect on our faith journey and to find ways to repent and come closer to God, to share in the spreading of "The Good News." ...

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Aug 2023
Have Faith--Believe in Christ

In today's Gospel (Matthew 14:22-33), Matthew describes a time when Jesus Christ walked toward their boat over a storm-tossed lake. Peter, after asking if it was really Jesus, asked Jesus to call him to come to Him over the water. Jesus told Peter, "Come" and Peter started out--then lost his nerve and started to sink. As Jesus reached out to Peter, he told him to have faith. We, too, need to grow in our faith in Jesus Christ, reaching out to him often....

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Aug 2023
Ask Christ to Show His Glory

In today's Gospel, Luke describes the Transfiguration of Christ witnessed by the apostles. By virtue of our baptism, we, too, can know the Glory of Christ. We need to ask daily for Christ to Show His Glory and for us to reflect that glory in our words and actions at home, at work, at school, everywhere....

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May 2022
Through Christ, We Are One With God

Through our baptism, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God are with us forever. As Christ taught his disciples to "be One with Him", we, too, need to learn to change our hearts, to be One With God, and to follow His example and teaching....

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