Feb 2024
Christ Begins to Share His Divinity

We, too, have a responsibility to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Part of this sharing is through outreach throughout the world on World Mission Sunday. Our collection will be divided between World Mission Outreach and our two companion dioceses, Southeast Mexico and Renk, South Sudan. (Use the PayPal QR code to donate online)...

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Aug 2022
Put God First-Always--Homily--9th Sunday after Pentecost

Fr Thomas Atamian (Guest Priest)’s homily for the 9th Sunday after Pentecost, 08/08/2022.    In the first reading today, Isaiah calls Israelites to task for celebrating ritual sacrifices and living evil lives. Isaiah tells the Israelites to refrain from doing evil–putting other things before their regard for God.  In the second lesson, Paul writes to the Hebrews, telling of Abraham’s faith in following God’s directions, even to the point of sacrificing his oldest son, Isaac. God responded to Abraham by letting Abraham know that he was putting God first–before all else, even......

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