Oct 2022
Jesus--I Must Stay at Your House Today

Fr Michael Rasicci’s homily for the 21st Sunday after Pentecost, 10/30/2022. In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells Zacchaeus, a Jewish tax collector, that “I must stay at your house today.” Jesus’s presence in the tax collector’s home totally reforms the tax collector. We need to invite Jesus into our homes. Imagine Jesus saying to us, “I must stay at your house today.” (Readings: Habakkuk 1: 1-4, 2: 1-4; Psalm 119: 137-144; 2 Thessalonians 1: 1-4, 11-12; Luke 19: 1-10) YouTube Link: Holistic Eucharist, 21st Sunday after Pentecost, 10/30/2022  Link:–Our Online Giving Resource ......

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