Jun 2024
Parable of Growing Our Church

Our church has grown and evolved in all the years since then--sometimes with more members, sometimes with fewer members. We have never been huge. God looks into our hearts, and has planted a seed within each of us. We come together in Calvary to worship, to praise God, to learn, and to share. God helps us grow as individuals and as a parish community....

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May 2024
Holy Trinity--Triune God

When we pray, "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit" we are consciously reconnecting to God. As baptized Christians, the Holy Spirit is always with us and, because these three aspects of God are always connected, God is always with us. We need to remember this. God is with us in good times and bad times. Through Jesus Christ, we are promised eternal life with God....

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Apr 2024
The Lord is Our Shepherd

By virtue of our Christian baptism, we are Children of God--born by water and the Spirit, the Lord (Jesus Christ) is our Shepherd. He is inside of us (along with the Holy Spirit) and we know His voice. Through Him, we have eternal life....

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Apr 2024
We Are God's Children Now

As baptized Christians--by water and the Spirit--We Are Children of God Now. Our lives need to reflect Christ's teachings and our everyday life should reflect Christ and the Holy Spirit's presence within us....

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Apr 2024
We Are Resurrected with Christ--Easter Sunday Homily

In our Baptism, we die and are buried with Jesus Christ. At the same time we are resurrected with Christ and He lives in us and we in Him. Through Jesus Christ we enjoy the promise of eternal life with God. Jesus's rising from the Dead made a great difference in the lives and attitudes of the disciples.....

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