May 2024
"I Chose You"

In today's Gospel, (John 15) Jesus tells his disciples to love one another. He also tells them that "I chose you." As baptised Christians, we, too, are chosen and have God's work to do. Christ is in us and with us. We need to remember to reach to Him and that we are here to do His work....

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May 2023
The Holy Spirit Dwells Within Us

As Jesus was at the Last Supper with His disciples, He told them that, when Jesus returned to the Father, He would send the Holy Spirit to be with them--and within them. The Spirit of Truth, always inside and supporting regardless of what is happening. By virtue of our baptism, He is inside us and we are inside of Him....

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May 2022
Shalom--God's Peace--Homily for the 6th Sunday of Easter

Fr Michael Rasicci’s homily for the 6th Sunday of Easter, 05/22/2022. Jesus, when giving Peace to the disciples, used the word “Shalom”–God’s Peace—not peace as the world understands, Peace with the fullness of God’s blessings. Through our baptism, we, too, are inheritors of Shalom, God’s Peace. Readings: Acts 16: 9-15; Psalm 67; Revelation 21: 10, 22- 22:5; John 14: 23-29) YouTube Link: Holistic Eucharist–6th Sunday of Easter  Link:–Our Online Giving Resource Link: CEB Stewardship 2022 Link: Independent Movie Study 2022...

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