Oct 2023
Are You Wearing Your Wedding Garment?

Today's Gospel is on the Parable of the Wedding Feast. Near the end of the Gospel, the King enters to see the guests. . . "“When the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing a wedding robe, and he said to him, ‘Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding robe?’ And he was speechless. Then the king said to the attendants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing......

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Oct 2022
God, Have Mercy on Me, a Sinner

Fr Michael Rasicci’s homily for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, 10/23/2022. Jesus tells the parable about a Pharisee and a tax collector, The Pharisee was praising himself and the tax collector was asking God for forgiveness. We, too, need to ask God for forgiveness–no matter how much we may think we have done. Readings: Joel 2: 23-32; Psalm – 65; 2 Timothy 4: 6-8, 16-18; Luke 18: 9-14) YouTube Link: Holistic Eucharist–20th Sunday after Pentecost  Link:–Our Online Giving Resource  Link: CEB Stewardship 2022 Link: Independent Movie Study 2022 ...

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