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Dec 2018

Fr Michael Rasicci’s homily for the First Sunday in Advent, 12/02/2018, As we prepare for the anniversary of Christ’s first coming, we are preparing for His Second Coming. Christ is with us now, every day, by virtue of our baptism and the Holy Spirit. Christ promised that, when two or three are gathered in His name, He will be with them. Every Sunday, when we gather to worship, Christ is with us. In addition to being with us and part of us, He is with us in the form of His Body......

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Sep 2018

Audio file for Fr Mike’s homily for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost–09/30/2018. File made at the 10:15AM Service. For an almost complete transcript, view the sermon with the same date and title. You can download this as an M4A file or as an MP3 file. Do-the-Work-We-Have-Been-Given-to-Do-M4A Do-the-Work-We-Have-Been-Given-to-Do-MP3 Fr Michael Rasicci’s homily for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost, 09/30/2018. Every year the national office of the Episcopal Church publishes statistics. In 2017, the Average Sunday Attendance at Episcopal parishes in the USA was 54. Over the past several years, this number has been......

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