Oct 2022
Christ Calls Us to Be Open to His Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness and to Share That With Others

Fr Michael Rasicci’s homily for the 18th Sunday after Pentecost, 10/09/2022, Calvary Episcopal Church, Batavia, IL. In today’s Gospel (Luke 17), Christ heals a Samaritan leper. The Samaritan returns to Jesus to thank Him and to praise Him. Jesus tells him that his faith has made him well. This Samaritan leper was open to Jesus’s love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and grace. As baptized Christians, we, too, are called to be open to Christ’s love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and grace and to share it with those around us. (Readings: Jeremiah 29: 1, 4-7;......

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