Jan 2024
Follow Me--I will make you fishers of men

In today's Gospel reading, (Mark 1: 14-20) and in Luke 5: (1-11), Jesus demonstrates His gifts and calls His disciples to him. They immediately leave what they were doing and follow him. How are we letting go of what preoccupies us and follow where Christ calls us to go, to do what Christ calls us to do, to be what Christ calls us to be?...

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Jul 2022
Hospitality in the Presence of God--Being Present With Him

In today's Gospel (Luke 10), Jesus is visiting two sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to every word. Martha was distracted by household hospitality. She asked Jesus to have Mary go to the kitchen to help. Jesus replied that Mary had made the best choice and that that would not be taken away from her....

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