“Mercy Me” Class

In the Roman Communion, they are nearing the end of the “jubilee Year of Mercy.” declared by Pope Francis. God’s mercy, as we know it in Jesus Christ, is very important to us as Episcopalians. We look at the Psalms and Parables of Mercy together and learn how to apply what we learn in ourselves in order to lead more merciful lives.

Mercy Me” Class (Adult Christian Formation) is led by Fr Mike Rasicci and meets the 4th Tuesday of the month until June, 2017. Classes meet in Memorial Hall at Calvary Episcopal Church from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

Links to recorded sessions will appear on this page.

10/25/2016–Includes Agenda and schedule for all classes to May, 2017



01/25/2017 https://calvaryepiscopalbatavia.church/mercy-me-the-good-samaritan/

02/28/2017–Part 1-https://calvaryepiscopalbatavia.church/david-and-saul-part-1-mercy-me-class-02-28-2017/

02/28/2017-Part 2-https://calvaryepiscopalbatavia.church/parable-of-the-prodigal-son-part-2-mercy-me-class-on-02-28-2017/

03/25/2017–Part 1-https://calvaryepiscopalbatavia.church/mercy-me-04-25-2017-part-1-persistent-widow-and-unjust-judge/

03/25/2017–Part 2-https://calvaryepiscopalbatavia.church/mercy-me-04-25-2017-part-2-persistent-widow-and-unjust-judge/

03/25/2017–Part 3-https://calvaryepiscopalbatavia.church/mercy-me-04-25-2017-part-3-persistent-widow-and-unjust-judge/