Calvary Congregational Life-Cycle Challenge

Joel Montgomery, Stewardship Chair, presents the “Congregational Life-Cycle Challenge”–asking for feedback from members of the parish on where they see Calvary on this model. Feedback will be used to plan Lenten programs for 2017.  After viewing the video, please print-out this form. Put a star on the form where you think Calvary Episcopal Church, Batavia, IL, is on the model in January, 2017. When finished, scan it and email it to  You can also mail it in, drop it in the collection plate, or bring it to the office. We would like to have completed forms before our Annual Meeting on January 22, 2017.Calvary Congregational Life Cycle Challenge

Congregational Life Cycle Challenge-2017

Congregational Life Cycle Challenge-2017

For a transcript of this video, follow this link.  Calvary-Congregational-Life-Cycle-Challenge-Transcript



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