Download a copy of the Thursday and Sunday Bulletins (Programs) in .pdf format.

Bulletins also have information about the Parish, an events calendar, and highlights for coming events.  In some churches, they are called the programs distributed at the services.

Visit our Bulletins Archive page for downloads of past bulletins.


Christmas Eve Bulletins



8:00 AM Bulletin

Sunday, 08/13/2017-10th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 08-13 0800 10SaP Proper 14 Rll EP C Year A RE (Final)

Sunday, 09/03/2017-14th Sunday after Pentecost-2017 09-03 8 AM Service 13SaP Proper 17 Rll EP B Year A RE


10:15 Bulletin

Sunday, 08/13/2017-10th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 08-13 MOTG 10SaP Proper 14 Rll EP C Year A (Final 1)

Sunday, 09/03/2017-13th Sunday after Pentecost-2017 09-03 1015 Holy Baptism 13SaP Proper 17 Rll EP B Year A RE

Sunday, 09/10/2017-14th Sunday after Pentecost–Church-Picnic-2017 09-10 14SaP Proper 18 Annual Picnic


Combined 8:00 AM and 10:15 Bulletins

Sunday, 06/18/2017–Father’s Day-2017 06-18 Combo 2SaP Proper 6 Rll Year A Fathers Day RE

Sunday, 07/16/2017-6th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 07-16 Combo 6SaP Proper 10 Rll EP C Year A RE

Sunday, 07/23/2017-7th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 07-23 Combo 7SaP Proper 11 R2

Sunday, 07/30/2017-8th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 07-30 Combo 7SaP Proper 11 Rll EP A Year A RE

Sunday, 08/06/2017-Transfiguration-Sunday-2017 08-06 Combo TTOOL 8SaP Proper 13 Rll EP B Year A RE (Final)

Sunday, 08/20/2017-12th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 08-20 Combo 11SaP Proper 15 Rll EP D Year A RE

Sunday, 08/27/2017-13th Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 08-27 Combo 12SaP Proper 16 Rll EP A Year A RE

Sunday, 09/17/2017-15th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 09-17 Combo 15SaP Proper 19 Rll EP D Year A

Sunday, 09/24/2017-16th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 09-24 Combo 16SaP Proper 20 Rll EP A Year A RE

Sunday, 10/01/2017-17th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 10-01 Combo 17SaP Proper 21 Rll EP B Year A RE

Sunday, 10/08/2017-18th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 10-08 Combo 18SaP Proper 22 Rll EP C Year A RE Rev 1

Sunday, 10/15/2017-19th-Sunday-after-Pentecost-2017 10-15 Combo 19SaP Proper 23 Rll EP D Year A RE


Maundy Thursday Bulletin



Thursday Bulletins for Michealsen Health Center

Thursday, 06/15/2017-Pre-Father’s Day-2017 06-15 MHC

Thursday, 07/13/2017-2017 07-13 MHC

Thursday, 07/20/2017-

Thursday, 07/27/2017-2017 07-27 MHC

Thursday, 08/03/2017-2017 08-03 MHC

Thursday, 08/10/2017-2017 08-10 MHC

Thursday, 08/17/2017-2017 08-17 MHC

Thursday, 08/24/2017-2017 08-24 MHC

Thursday, 08/31/2017-2017 08-31 MHC

Thursday, 09/10/2017-2017 09-07 MHC

Thursday, 09/14/2017-2017 09-14 MHC

Thursday, 09/21/2017-2017 09-21 MHC

Thursday, 09/28/2017-2017 09-28 MHC

Thursday, 10/05/2017-2017 10-05 MHC

Thursday, 10/12/2017-2017 10-12 MHC

Special Bulletins

Sunday, 10/29/2017–Reformation-Sunday-2017HCReform500thOct29